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Dwarven miners hit the motherlode!

Reports from the Ehtomer Mountains tell us of an exceptionally pure vein of silver being found by one of the larger Dwarven clans.  Rumor has it that this will lower the price of silver and make it more available in other areas of Aniada.  But until the Dwarven smiths have had their way with the ore, tooling and refining the metal, we can only confirm the find through reputable sources within the Dwarven kingdom.  But readers should be looking forward to seeing more silver ornamentation in everything from jewelry to weaponry in the coming year.


--January 1st, 2007--

Dateline: Terajin, Aniada

The long, brutal war in Terajin seems to have come to an end or, at least, a lull. The turning point in the battle came when the city's terrified citizens suddenly and unexpectedly found their courage and united against the Daemon army, which was unable to stand against such overwhelming numbers.

Many lie dead and all of the Daemons are believed to have been killed, but some remain unaccounted for. Men and women in Terajin have begun to report their spouses and children missing, not numbered even among the dead. The invading army's general, as well, seems to have disappeared with no trace. What any of this may mean is unknown.

Though the city still stands, it is difficult to say how and if the great city will ever recover as the worlde's foremost hub of trade. Many merchants have already set up new trade routes through other cities, and Terajin's most infamous commodity -- slaves -- are now being trafficked primarily though other trade cities like Tabok Larl and Haven.


Dateline: Worlde Arcane

Throughout Worlde Arcane, crime is very common. This is caused in large part because there is very little law enforcement, thieves and criminals can often act with impunity. Therefore, burglary and thievery become quite common events in many urban areas. Rural areas are even less protected, though the level of crime there is kept low by both the relative poverty of the residents and the distances between potential victims.  Education plays a role too, as the more educated a population is, the more likely its members are to find employment.  Most burglars, thieves, and other criminals have little or no education and so they resort to stealing as a way to make their way in the Worlde.

Punishment for criminals varies greatly throughout the Worlde. Public torture is the most common punishment, even if the thief only stole some bread to feed himself or his family. Death is a rare recourse to theft and less heinous of crimes, most town and city officials opting for the deterrence they perceive in public torture.

For most of areas of Worlde Arcane, stealing is punishable by public torture. But even where this is true, punishments will differ for different crimes. Unfaithful wives are considered to be criminals in some places and will be treated accordingly. Witches are sometimes considered to be criminals as well, and wherever religion reigns, heresy is one of the greatest crimes.

Imprisonment is a very common punishment and there will often be torture chambers within the prisons to further teach people that crimes were not an acceptable means of livelihood.

Some kings who are especially obsessed with their kingdom's honesty, (the Daelows kingdom of times past, for example) have attempted to capture every criminal. While King Albion has not gone to such extreme measures, some have been said to take their anger out on the village of the criminal if he or she were successful in getting away with a crime.

Kidnapping is also pretty common, though it rarely makes the news. Foreign invaders who need kids to work their own lands are often behind kidnapping. Landlords who lack enough workers, frequently resort to kidnapping kids in order to populate their own villages. But if caught, the punishment for these crimes is severe and if the kidnappers make the mistake of taking a royal child, the offender will be tortured for a lengthy period and before being executed in a public plaza.

Most crimes victims tend to be in the merchant class. Merchants who travel alone are very prone to such attacks, and so it's more common to find them traveling with an entourage of guards. But even when merchants traveled together, they are still in danger of having a large group of criminals attack and rob them.

If the crime is considered heinous or the crime rate grows too high, it is not uncommon for a town to express its anger against a thief by hanging him in public. Sometimes beheadings will substitute for hanging if the authorities want to make a particularly strong statement.  As public events, these executions tend to reduce the crime rate by throwing fear into anyone considering the commission of a crime.

Crimes are, for the most part, done by the extremely poor. But dishonesty knows no class, there are records of nobles and knights being hanged for robbing and thievery. But for kings and high nobles, punishment is almost non-existent. They can  get away with practically anything. Some kings even have proclaimed a right to stay in whichever house they pleased and sleep with whichever woman they want to because they are "appointed by God." Any real punishment is mostly reserved for the poor.


News, Rumour and Gossip still Circulating

A Peasant's Day:

6:00 AM - Roosters woke me again, like usual. Got dressed and had breakfast of hoarroot, water, and two slices of bread.

7:00 AM - The castle's bells would rang, and we started working in M'lord's fields.

9:00 AM - Snuck in a quick break to take a sip of water from hidden bag. We have to smuggle in such contraband and are not allowed to take breaks.

10:00 AM - The first interlude for serfs. When M'lord is feeling generous, he'll let us rest for up to half an hour at this time. In more draconian times, nobles have been known to impose rules against resting.

1:00 PM - We are normally given a time-off at this time since the sun would burn us otherwise.

2:00 PM - Work resumes.

4:00 PM - This is the official resting time. TIme for a meal of bread, vegetables and water. Being the holiday season, M'lord gave us some meat to enjoy with our meal.

5:00 PM - Return to work.

7:00 PM - Snuck in another break to take a sip from my hidden water bag.

8:00 PM - The workday comes to an end. In abotu an hour we'll relax. with a dinner of hoarroots, dinggel berries, bread and (this being the holiday) some tea.

10:00 PM - Time for bed, as tomorrow is another day to work for M'lord.


Skeleton Dance?

At a recent event near the Daelows castle, a skeleton was said to be seen dancing.  Though not all guests at the event saw the apparition, those that did say the skeleton wore a crown upon it's head.  This worries many of the residents of Daelows as they suspect it is a warning of some royal death or of terrible misfortune in the Daelows kingdom.

Tower of Doom

In a tower near Dragon's Peak, it's said there's a gray lady roaming the place. Countless witnesses have seen her as she moves from one room to another, and then disappears just as she turns the corner.  Investigators suspect that there was an ancient cemetary on the property before the tower was built, and some say she is the ghost of one of those buried there, disturbed when the tower was erected.

 Help Wanted!

Are yew tired of the same old daily grind?
Do yew want to travel and get paid for it?
Is adventure yer middle name?
Then we have the job for yew!

The merchant's guild is looking for stout and hardy warriors, fighters who can protect ou rcargo from bandits on the worlde's roadways and open seas.  We are seeking a few driven, goal oriented individuals for short to long term employment in a variety of fields. Interested parties may apply for employment at any of our guild halls around the worlde.


If an area in which you are currently playing includes a picture as part of its area description, consider adding that picture as your computer's desktop background for as long as your character is there. Each time your character moves along, you can change the picture to correspond with the new area in which you are playing. Able to 'see' what your character sees, you'll feel more as if you're really there.

The Worlde Arcane HERALD brings yew new rumors, hearsay and other information regularly. Your participation ensures that important events, significant business, or just plain fun stories are published and enjoyed by all. If yew know of any important Events or Significant Business, tell the HERALD.